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119 thoughts on “18+[GraphicPics]Chief Keef Gay!?

  1. Anonymous

    People are saying this is him when he was younger because his dreads are short .. Ect

  2. BRICKSQUAD D-block shit man

    Lmaoo , chief keef gay , lmaooo y’all should have knew shidd making a song called macaroni time df , bdk in this bitch iight

    1. Anonymous

      I got one thing for u chief keef u don.t have to be gay u got a bady gurl wat need to be for but it life so have fun with ur new boyfriend I hope u still making song

  3. Anonymous

    Probably is old. Looks like Lil Reese or whatever his name is and him to me. Aye it is what it is. Doesn’t affect me or anyone but them and ppl close to em vouching for em for real.

    1. Anonymous

      Its not chief keef, people always posting shit about chief keef that fight on YouTube with a person identical to chief keef fighting next to a school bus wasn’t him and chief keef has no rats on his upper arms but he has a tat on his stomach saying guuci

      1. zach ronald

        yu wuld not be able to see the gucci tatoo because of the lighting and the forearm tatoo his arm is turned a little plus they hae stuff to edit out tatoo’s

  4. Anonymous

    I hate this nigga but I aint gone flex I dont think thats the fuck boy chief keef sorry… bdk on queen David

  5. Anonymous

    It dnt matter how old the nigga was he did it Tf yall dumb as fukhe aint get dem tats till he got signed… IT IS HIM FUK WAT ANYBODY GOT TO SAY!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Who Kno??!!!…Shyt…KRAZY…but Bitches love SOSA…Naw, nigga…you like bending Niggaz ova the Sofa….lls

  7. Anonymous

    That’s chief but that’s not a dude look at the legs of the SoCall boy he fuckin legs then look at the dude waist 2 different skin tones clearly photoshopped

  8. Anonymous

    Dat aint no damn chief keef soo wtf yall lame ass mfs gonna believe dis shidd dats cra how dey still on it
    wit his ass dey still making diss songs cuss dey got jojo ass chief keef aint on dat shidd nomore but shidd
    if deyy wanna do wat dey dont mean nun……

  9. Darcelle


  10. Anonymous

    Wasn’t gone post anything about this but someone mention he had a tata on his stomach kinda look like a tattoo on his stomach! Just sayin. If he is so what he make good music and still making money!

  11. Anonymous

    Its photoshopped duh! Look at the other guys body, his arms are not even laying on the countertop

  12. Anonymous

    Man Fuck That Shit, That Aint Chief Keef ! That’s Just Another Nigga With Dreads, But Only Thing He Gay And Chief Keef Aint, I’m From The O’ Block And We Niggas Aint With That

  13. Anonymous

    the counter top in chief keef new house is black not white n uck gd bitch bd oblock 300 gbe shit bang bang btch fuck lil jojo dats why he dead bitch quit dissin

  14. Anonymous

    man fuck o block yall niggas sound crazy fuck you talking about if thats his wild ass then thats his wild ass he a faggie an you niggas loving him he probably fucked one of yall get on niggas

  15. Anonymous

    this picture photo shopped like a mf…niggas really take the time to do sum extra shit like this..bored af..thats a side profile of a nigga with dreads…Aint no clear shot that shyt can be any body…dude who gettin bent over body clearly was photo shopped

  16. Anonymous

    That’s keef and durk.. his tattos are there you just can’t see it cuz of his black ass skin. But forsure him and durk.

    1. Donte revis

      That ain’t no damn chief fuck ass niggas y’all dumb asses fall for anything need to stop hatin broke boys and fuck everybody that say that’s chief keef squaaaaad!!!

  17. Pooh Bear

    I got one thing for u you don.t have to be gay u got a bady gurl and u the best ripper but I know u likeee I should have not did thatt butt it life everbody gone do sum thatt they never did ok I hope u still making song

  18. Anonymous

    dhats not him bra where da tats he had wen he waz a teen n luh he had his tat wen he waz 15

  19. Anonymous

    Nigga thats chief keef gay asz when he was younger before he got rich rules sre if you join the illuminati it either fuck or get fucked and this aint photoshopped just cause the nigga top of his body lighter that nigga wear t shirts and shorts lhh niggas tan to but on some real shit the industry gay as fuck believe it or not I feel like if you gay you can be rich go ahead and put up that sould and play for keeps lol

  20. Anonymous

    this nigga wanna be calling lil wayne gay but he fucking a nigga in the ass in this picture… and that is chiefg keef cause the tattoo is clearly on his arm you idiots

  21. Anonymous

    Duh he gay. He a garbage ass rapper anyway yall lame ass niggas fightin and arguin over the fakest rapper in the game lmao if u like dis fool u a dumbass nigga just like his gay ass

  22. Anonymous

    smh this aint him yall niggas dumb asf anyone that dont kno keefs background would think this him but they said this him when he was younger but keef has had tats since he was 15 on both arms where the tats at??? smh u can even look at his vids first comin up like bang he was skinnier then this pic and his dreads were even shorter so stop the fraud shit smh

  23. Black mamba

    This is photo shopped. The dude that’s bent over left arm ain’t even on the counter. And something wrong with the pic from the waste down. This fake.

  24. Niyachi

    That’s his gay ass….y’all in denial and blame EVERYTHING on photoshop EXCEPT big booty girls!

  25. Anonymous

    Look at his face closely! Y’all are dumb asf clearly it’s not chief keef dumbass niggas will believe anything. Clearly no tats, clearly he had those tattoos when his hair was as long as the guys In the pic, Forreal y’all believe anything on the Internet people can even put people faces on other body’s too? Anyone who thinks this is real just hang yourself because you mean nothing to the world

  26. Anonymous

    Bruh Chief Keef Ain’t Gay So Stop Sayin Dhat Cause If I Catch You Slipping Ima Beat Yo Ass

  27. Anonymous

    lol whoever posted this is hell lmao you know how many people look like this man chief keef? I know this not him. Know if I was him, IT would of been hectic fa trying me like that. Fa REAL

    1. reese mac

      Who really give a fuck if it’s him or not they always fuckin with a nigga with money that’s was wrong with society now always worry bout what the next mf doing that they can get shit done they self…

  28. Anonymous

    chief keep has tattos on his stomach arms hands and knuckles both left and right dis dude only has a tatt on his shoulder and chief doesnt have NO tatts on his shoulder neither left or right so dis is obviously fake sorry guys

  29. bessemer boy

    if thats him were the other pics at in y he rapp about hoes in guns instead of niggas

  30. Anonymous

    im soo happy i watch porn and know for a fact that aint him yall krazy thats a flick that nigga actually dont look any thing like keefe

  31. Anonymous

    Keith is a homosexual so is reese and the rest of the squad they screw each other after the chicks is gone…he signed to Gucci mane label….Gucci is known for popin pills and being in the shower with homies…tappin trannys in ATL on the low …..macaroni time is gay jail slang for BD’s fuckin each other….even if it aint him in the pic yessssirrr he still GAY

  32. Darryl

    If it was anyone else I would be be suspicious and call fake but this nigga is on some other other shit with his gangbang lifestyle, to him this is what he would consider real smh

  33. Anonymous

    Macaroni in the song Yankee Doodle is a gay club for rich Englishmen in London brother is a fagot

  34. Anonymous

    thats him ya’ll i have a family member that knows his cousin personally they confirmed that he’s bi

  35. Anonymous

    the money comment ^^^^ always used when nothing else can be said…some of us are gainfully employed and have plenty of savings/funds but facts are facts son….he is in fact bisexual and @ashleykeef go to a lawyer that doesn’t change the fact he enjoys men as well lol #Realtalk

  36. Anonymous

    that’s not his house….that pic was taken at the other guy’s apartment, this was a few years back #fact

  37. Anonymous

    all yall wack homo on the dl faggots cheap keef is gay yeah he gotta a daughter but he is still a fagg who really don’t like women but women r the dumbest creatures on the planet because they are so easily fooled by males who lie and pretend its a all boys affair women don’t choose the nice guy they like homo thugs


    dat aint no cheif keef niggs hes not fucking gay… he might of been on bath salts or something but he not fucking gay so fuck out of hear nigga fuck gang all day!!!!

  39. Anonymous

    Lol still dont believe it :-) I think the idiot dat post this picture is gay as fucK lol leave this kid alone he making bank

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